Mapping the history of Cambridge innovation

The Cambridge History of Innovation Project (CHIP) is underway!

Man sat in front of a vintage electron microscope and turning buttons
Man sat in front of a vintage electron microscope and turning buttons

The CHIP team (Shailendra Vyakarnam, Katrina Dean, and Peter Rees) are currently surveying and collecting archival material and oral history interviewee candidates to curate a public archive of Cambridge technology innovation from the Cambridge Scientific Instrument Company to recent times.

They are very keen to capture the roles of the Cavendish Laboratory in the history of technology innovation. This archive aims to facilitate deep research and diverse storytelling about Cambridge innovation. CHIP is based in the Cambridge University Library, alongside existing significant archival collections including the papers of Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking, and many others. CHIP is supported by Higher Education Innovation Funding.

If you are interested in the CHIP project, contact the Project Archivist,
Peter Rees. If you would like to share memories,
connections, or archival materials which might be relevant for this public archive, please do get in touch. For more details see


Promotional material for the Stereoscan II, Cambridge Scientific Instrument Company Archive, Box 50, Cambridge University Library. The first commercial scanning electron microscopes delivered in 1964 were produced by the Cambridge Instrument Company, building on research and development in the Cambridge University Engineering Laboratory.